Commercials Ninja

Real Media.Ninja Presents:

We are Commercials Ninjas

I know how it looks.  We are a media agency with ninjas in our logos.  Silly, you say?  If you are reading this page right now to learn more about us, then it worked!  We hooked you with our ninja style.  It is hard to imagine developing a posh & fancy brand for our media company, because we are not posh or fancy.  We don’t want to be a in huge pool of other media companies that look the same.  We stand out because we are out there living our creative dreams making beautiful film & photography in Costa Rica.

We are a team that is all about “getting the shot”.  We get it every time or we go back for it until it is perfect.  We get dirty sometimes.  Filthy and even wet, while traversing mountains and valleys during rainy season to catch the golden hour with no rain.  We keep our gear clean, and our production value is top notch, no matter the climate or the setbacks.

That is why we are ninjas.  We use masterful skills to bring you the best product we can provide. Every… Single… Time.

Shoot us an email or call us at +506 8427-0728

Enjoy the skies!

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